Youth Wrestling Club

HSLQ board member, Steven Palacios, steams full speed ahead with the “Youth Wrestling Club”.

The “Youth Wrestling Club” was a dream brought to fruition by HSLQ board member, Steven Palacios. As a Huntington Station native and Huntington High School graduate, Palacios hopes that the program will offer more than just wrestling safety and fundamentals to its members. He aims to install the three D’s in its participants: discipline, desire, and determination. The program is based on the belief that these three characteristics will build a sound structure for the future. “There is no sport like wrestling”, says Palacios and for that reason it is easier for the members of the club to avoid the temptations faced daily by today’s youth when they are focused on their wrestling.

Palacios runs the club, which is meets weekly and is currently focused at training young athletes in grades 6 through 8. His intentions are to send talented wrestlers to compete at the high school level. Armed with experience and confidence, the participants will have hopefully leveled the playing field when it comes time to compete nationally. “The truth of the matter is that recruiters scout potential team members at national competitions. If we can send our kids to those competitions, it limits the chance that they’ll be overlooked by scouts.” Unfortunately, talent alone will not provide the transportation and resources required to attend competitions. Therefore, Palacios is forced with finding creative ways to raise funds. He sells t-shirt bearing the club’s logo at local festivals and events as well as reaches out to local businesses and other Huntington High alumni for donations.

For more information on how to participate or donate, please click on the ‘Contact Us’ link on the right hand side of our website.

Nigel McNeill at Nationals - 2nd in the USA. Super Devils prodigy.